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Introducing the Let’s Get Lit Online Book Fest!

In the midst of the current pandemic, many authors, especially debuts, have been affected by the cancellations and lack of ability to travel to promotional events. Which is why my friend Em and I have gotten together our blogger friends to arrange for a fun online book fest we call Let’s Get Lit!

To make sure we get as many participants as possible, the fest be lasting from April 23rd to June 6th. We’ll have a blog tour featuring interviews from dozens of amazingly talented authors, a fun hashtag game, #LGLprompts, which will have prompts and challenges, and our Lit badge system! For every confirmed purchase of a featured book, you’ll get a badge and a higher chance of winning the giveaway at the end of the fest. You’ll have a chance to win signed books, ARCs, and more!

Authors that want to get involved, check out our pinned Twitter post here and comment on it to be taken into consideration! We’ll be accepting new authors from now until April 16th. After that, the fest begins!

Take a look at the graphics below to see the official schedule! As some of the questions for #LGLprompts will depend on the authors and their books, we don’t have that schedule to show you yet, but we’ve already started work on the questions otherwise, and I can tell you, you guys are going to have a blast with this.

The schedule will be the same every week, but the authors being featured will be different. Also, the week will start with Saturday, as you’ll see on the schedule!

Em and I will be sharing a lot of updates on Twitter as well as links to the upcoming interviews here and on Twitter, so stay tuned!

In the meantime, please be sure to check out our amazing blogger collaborators!



Twitter: @NataliaDeJesusM



Twitter: @NunuKz



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Twitter: @voyagerarina



Twitter: @UtopiaMind



Twitter: @starshynebrite



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Twitter: @BookathonBlog



Twitter: @emtheweird

We can’t wait to see you at Let’s Get Lit!

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