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THEY’RE HERE! Illustrations for the Main Characters of CONQUEST!!!!

It feels kind of weird posting art here on my writing page, admitting it was me that did it. But it feels so good.

So I did this. I drew the characters of my story, and it was so much fun, finally bringing my imagination to life. I’m always drawing for other people, and I haven’t always had the time or inspiration to draw, so I never got around to my own.

Everything you see on the characters are true to the story, so once you actually read it, you’ll see how much all these little details here and there will matter in the end.

Jashi Anyua

An orphan with a secret. She’s kept her fire powers hidden for as long as she can remember, because her Nana told her to, in order to keep her safe. Until she met Kahmel, she thought she was the only one. The Great Spirits know how many jobs she’s lost for the sake of keeping her fire contained. Being a waitress at a diner was the latest in a long string of them. Before she got engaged, she was working a taxi. No degree, and only passed high school from taking a test after dropping out. But her determination is what keeps her afloat. Everything she has, she’d worked her butt off for. She isn’t about to let anyone — not even the Faresh — control her life or her decisions.

Jashi Anyua

Kahmel Axon Kai of the Omah clan

Faresh of K’sundi. Not much is known about him. He took K’sundi by storm when he and a small group of men turned the tides in K’sundi’s war with its neighboring country, Omani. And now he’s pronounced himself K’sundi’s Faresh by citing laws no one even knew were still in place. He’s mysterious, distrusting, and orders more executions than any Faresh in recent years. No one understands his motives because he doesn’t bother to explain them. He expects things to get done because he said so.

He’s also the only one that knows about Jashi’s powers outside of her Nana. Because he’s just like her.

Kahmel Axon Kai of the Omah clan

“Only we can dance in the flames and not get burned.”

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