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2020 Resolutions/Goals!!

Hey guys!

I hope you had fun at your New Years parties, Christmas dinners, and that this year is your year for whatever! Writing, progress, growing, getting better, all of this.

Welcome to the 20s.

So I have several ambitious goals, we’ll see how many I actually accomplish haha. Let’s just get straight into them.

Writing Related

  • Finish the Dragon Bones sequel
  • Start and get at least halfway through the last installment of Dragon Bones
  • Work on one of my side projects (BoxersWIP or ShadowFantasyWIP)

Art Related

  • I’m already working on a project I can’t tell you guys about yet, but it should be finished by next year, so look out for that on my art account @beckysketchbook!
  • Get started on preparing things for my comic book. It probably won’t be finished by next year but I at least want to finish a few chapters!
  • Start a collection of my art (more on that later)

Life and Blogging

  • I want to get to the point in Korean, Chinese and Japanese (I know, I know, but there’s no going back now!) where I can:
    • Tell someone I’m a writer/artist
    • Ask my way around
    • Tell someone what I’m doing (writing, eating, walking to work, etc)
    • Ask all of those questions to someone else and understand the answer
  • Keep up with posting every week consistently haha!
  • Read all the books I got for Christmas and use them to start a page for reviews on this blog!
  • Keep up with being active and exercising consistently.

It’s a lot to do, but I believe I can do it! At the very least part of the way, which is a lot already.

What are your goals for the new year? If we have some things in common lets root each other on!