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CC Gossip Corner #4: Best Dare Costumes, Tiger Heists, and More

Welcome back to CC Gossip Corner! Miss me? Lol I was sick last week so it was reaaaally hard to even look at my phone, much less write a blog post, but I’m all better now and back with some of the funniest shit from two weeks ago 🤣. That week was wild, so let’s just get straight to it.

Living art

I don’t know why Cade decided to immortalize himself or why Cress always supports him, but….

Boxing queen and disco

I don’t even know how this started. Solstice just said she would name herself boxing queen as a rebel name and then this happened.

Best dressed

This was one of my favorite dares.

Tiger heist and peacock kidnapping

Danni and Solstice’s father has a a collection of exotic animals, and Cade wanted it.

(after coming back from his heist)

And this is what he did with it.

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