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Interview With Katerina King

Hey guys!

I had the pleasure to interview the lovely Katerina King about her new novel coming out Oct. 31, Malediction! It’s the first in the series, and I’m so excited.

Malediction follows the life of young witch Ophelia ‘Scarlette’ Petrova, and her objective to survive all of the chaos thrown at her at one time. Between family, demons, and other witches, the forces that be won’t make it easy for her.

Me: Thank you for letting me interview you! So you have this new book coming out, Malediction. What was your inspiration for writing it?

Katerina: Uhhhh gotta start with the hard questions? I’ve always loved magic and witchcraft and especially black magic so when this little character of mine walked into my headspace and said, “Hey I’m a black witch,” I was like, okay.

Me: How long have you been writing? Have characters always just wandered in and introduced themselves, or have your methods changed over the years?

Katerina: I’ve been writing stories since, like, 3rd grade. But my methods have definitely changed

Me: What inspired you to write in the first place? And how have your methods changed?

Katerina: I needed an outlet. I’ve always been bad at expressing things verbally, but writing things down I can express myself. And before I used to plan everything. Now, well, my characters just sort take over.

Me: You seem very invested in your characters. Other than your main character, who’s your favorite in Malediction?

Katerina: I actually really dislike my main character. She’s mean… My favorite character is Elijah Hutton. He’s also mean, but he’s adorable, so I allow it.

Me: So wait, you dislike your main character? I’m going to need some more details. Why do you dislike her?

Katerina: Yes. Because she mean. She doesnt like me at all either, it’s a mutual dislike.

Me: Haha, sounds like an interesting relationship to say the least. So let’s talk about writing Malediction. For one, what does the name mean?

Katerina: Malediction means a curse.

Me: It’s an unusual word for curse, what made you choose it?

Katerina: It sounded fancy lol

Me: Hahaha that’s cool. So has anything surprised you while you were writing Malediction? Anything you didn’t expect to come up?

Katerina: Lmfao everything was a surprise for me. Originally, it was supposed to be a vampire witch romance. Now it is what it is.

Me: Wow! So how many drafts did it take to get it to where it is now?

Katerina: Four drafts.

Me: I can tell you’ve put a lot of work into making Malediction. Have you ever gotten writer’s block while you were writing it? How did you get over it?

Katerina: I’m pretty sure I spent most of the time with writers block, and honestly i have no idea how i over came it. It just sort of happened.

Me: How long did Malediction take you, start to finish?

Katerina: Writing wise? [I] started it as a Nano project in 2018, I believe, and its almost done and ready to be published so, uh, a long time.

Me: Not really! Even I have a couple projects that took longer, just for the first draft, haha. And all with writer’s block! Really, it’s pretty impressive.

So who are your favorite authors? And have they inspired your writing in any way?

Katerina: I take no credit Lol. I write when my characters yell at me to do so … I think the writers block went hand in hand with whenever they were just really anry with me and decided I wasn’t worth their time anymore.

Rick Riordan and JK Rowling are my favorite authors. Totally cliche, I know, but Percy Jackson is my ultimate fictional crush.

Me: Did either of those authors inspire how you write?

Katerina: Rowling definitely inspired the multidimensional bits of my writing, like all the history of the Petrov witches and the towns and stuff like that. Uncle Rick taught me the importance of making the characters life-like and well rounded and giving them flaws and stuff like that.

Me: Those are good foundations to build on. I know you’re big on characters, and you even run a hashtag game (with me!) about characters on Twitter. What are your tips on writing well-rounded characters?

Katerina: Listen to them. When they say something, usually they’re right. If they say their favorite color is blue, don’t make it purple. If they say they have a problem with a certain person, don’t try and force that person on your character.

Me: So if you could give your younger writer-self advice today, what would you tell her?

Katerina: Write faster.

Me: Hahahahaha

Going back a little here, but I meant to ask. Do you have any writers in your family, or are you the first?

Katerina: No, I’m the only one

Me: Wow, a pioneer! So what other projects are you working on right now?

Katerina: I’m working Casigate, which is book two of the Ritual of the Court series. I’m also working on a secret project and I have to restart/rewrite my book Kismet

Me: Haha so much work, but it means more books for your readers to binge on when their out!

So any last bits of advice you’d like to give budding authors out there? Anything you wish you knew when you started?

Katerina: Don’t give up and don’t give into the little voices that tell you you can’t do it, including your own… if you have a story, tell it.

Me: Very well put!

Any links you want to drop for if anyone wants to know where to find you?

Katerina: Just this one, it has all my social media links, to patreon, fiverr and ko-fi.

Me: Great! Thanks for coming!

Katerina: Thanks for the interview!

Pre-order your copy of Malediction here:

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