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CC Gossip Corner #3: Adoptions, Lies, and Lady Adventurers

It’s that time again! This week has had my sides hurting, and it’s a looooong story to try to understand it all, so I’m going to have to start with the one that will help you understand everything else (though even that’s not the beginning, the beginning was hard to find).

The Third Father that Became the First

My character, One, has gotten himself into a lot of ridiculous situations this month, but this one takes the cake. How it happened in the middle of Tobias having a crisis, I have no idea, but that’s what happened.

Original tweet:

The Second Father

One is not Dorian’s first adopted father. Dorian has his own father, then @_KingKaterina’s character, Liam, who “adopted” him along with @gladiusquintus’ character, and his girlfriend, Cress, and then One came third, though with his name, it’s hard for Dorian to call him anything but Dad 1. So here’s Dad 2

Also, can I just say how cuuuuuute Cress and Liam’s family is? Parker and Chrissy are their real adopted children, and they’re just so precious πŸ’œ

Original tweet:

Lies for an (automaton) Man’s Pride

It was a simple question, and One realized a little too late that his initial answer was not as “manly” as he wanted it to be, so he made something up to compensate. And @madelaide_e’s character Cade and my Tobias made him regret it.

Original tweet:

Lady Adventurers

One and Tobias are easily won over by bravado, and it happened very quickly when @fixa_idea’s character Cissy uttered the words “Lady Adventurers”

Original tweet:

So that’s it for today! I’ll see you guys next week for more drama! And hey! Don’t forget – pre-orders for Malediction go up TUESDAY so get ready for the countdown to Malediction!

Catch you guys later πŸ˜‰

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