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CC Gossip Corner #2: Relationship Drama, Museum Raids, and Tragic News

Hello and welcome to the second installment of CC Gossip Corner! Every Saturday I gather the best, worst, and ridiculous of Character Chaos and bring it all here, so without further ado, let’s get right into some of the mess that’s happened this week.


I can’t even say that I completely understand this one, nor that I want to. All I know is some of the commentary on the subject was even deleted because it got so wild, but suffice it to say, I only got a glimpse of all of the threads (PLURAL) surrounding the madness of @madelaide_e’s Cade’s affinity for bones and any and all puns surrounding the subject.

Original tweet:

Yes, Tristan, you should be very worried.

When you put a vampire on drums

@gladiusquintus’ vampires have lived long enough to have seen just about everything, but they always come up with something new that cracks me up, especially Cress.

@K_A_Grayson’s Scott and Cress have had some bumpy history this past month and the one before it, but it looks like a memory wipe was a good choice to get things nice and friendly again. Nice to see them just hanging out now!

Original tweet:

Relationship woes

It looks like @amina_leeds’ Graves has been the center of a lot of attention as of late, but it doesn’t look like he’s been having fun with it. He’s recently in a new relationship with @authorBABrazell’s character, Jezzie, with whom he shares a very rare, vulnerable moment about someone who won’t even remember him now.

Where the blame really lies, I can’t say. But I am surprised someone like him would show how down he is about it around anyone!

Will a memory wipe be enough to fix this situation?

(I’m skipping a few lines of the conversation to get right to the point)

Original tweet:

The museum raid

Yep you read right. My own characters, Tobias and Solstice decided to help vampire Cress find ancient relics from her past at a museum, hoping they would somehow nab them back? But it ended up just being Cress waxing nostalgic about history she barely remembers. Let’s just say her recounting of the facts sound dubious at best.

(I skipped to some of the best parts, but the whole thread was a riot)

Original tweet:

Tragic news

Okay befooooore I get to the tragic news, because I know the below content can be triggering, I don’t want any viewers that may be sensitive to the content to have to scroll by the conversation to get to something exciting I want to tell you guys!

Kat’s book, Malediction, will be coming out for pre-order soon, and next month’s theme will be especially special to celebrate! The theme will be rebellion and dares, and trust me, it might be one of the most fun months yet, so bring characters of all kinds! Even ones that are too timid to be labeled a rebel. They’ll have to take on one of the fun dares we’ll have prepared! This month will be super interactive and fun, and it’ll all be Malediction-themed, so get ready!

I’ll also be posting an interview with Kat soon, so keep an eye out for that, too!

Anyway, on with the sad news.

TW: suicide (This is the last post, so if you feel like you might be uncomfortable reading, don’t worry about skipping down to see the rest, I made sure this one came last specifically for you 😘)

Not all characters get happy endings in Character Chaos, and despite what we all might want for them, sometimes they don’t choose the best paths either.

Unfortunately, this was especially true for @_KingKaterina’s character, Eli, who died recently. He was the best friend of Kat’s main character, Scarlette, and will affect most of the characters in her story, Malediction.

She broke the news to some of Eli’s new friends below.

Original tweet:

So that’s it for this week! Lots of drama this time around, haha.

Remember! Stay tuned for my interview with Kat and start planning on who you’re bringing next month! See you next week 😘

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