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How doing yoga has immensely helped my writing – self-care for writers

A little bit of a more personal post, but I thought I’d share my experiences with doing yoga and how it has really helped with my writing, but really, a lot of other things, too.

About three weeks ago, I started doing yoga as a way to help me with some lower back pain I was having, as well as some joint issues (I have bad knees). I’ve actually done yoga before, but I stopped because life circumstances no longer permitted it, and when those circumstances no longer existed, I sort of forgot about the benefits I was getting from doing it. But when I was having that persistent pain, I remembered what helped me out in the past and decided to give it a try.

Not only did doing yoga at least three times a week help with my back and joints, but I also felt a ton of energy after I did it. I followed a YouTube video since it’s easier for me to get the yoga out of the way first thing in the morning so I can have energy for the other things I have to do (Yoga by Candace is the YouTuber I follow for yoga, she’s a great instructor and she has tons of yoga playlists that are perfect for all levels!).

But I also noticed that me having more energy for the rest of the day gave me muuuch more focus in my writing. I already knew I was having concentration issues whenever I sat down to write, but I just did my best to work through it and hope that inspiration would carry me the rest of the way. But now I feel so much more capable when I sit down to write. Like my brain has the muscle to power through the writing session without getting clouded so easily.

I’ve just been feeling good. And honestly, it just makes me happy that I feel good. I’m not saying yoga is for everyone, there are people that think it’s just too boring to get into (my mom), and that’s fine. What I am saying is find something that makes you feel good. It’s so true, take care of your body and it’ll take care of you. Whether it’s squeezing in some workout time through out the week, or buying plants to spruce up your room, or finding music that relaxes you, take care of yourself. Find what puts you at ease. You owe it to yourself to look after your well being, mentally and physically.

If you do want to get into yoga, like I mentioned before, Yoga by Candace is a great YouTuber that covers all the basics for beginners, but also offers a challenge to more experienced yogis. I’d suggest getting a yoga mat, especially if you have hard wood floors or tile in your home like I do, but other than that, just hop right in! I’d suggest setting specific yoga days so you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable, just like if you were signing up for class. For me, I like making yoga part of my day-to-day because it gives me energy and focus, so I do it three to four times a week. But this definitely doesn’t have to be you, you could start off with just two. Mondays and Wednesdays, Tuesdays and Thursdays, or maybe over the weekend.

There’s an app called HabitBull that works awesome for holding you accountable to days you want to do something, and it encourages you to do something until you form a habit. I can vouch for the fact that it has definitely helped me make a habit of working out, doing blog posts, and practicing my Korean. So try it out so you can stick to your yoga days (or, self-care days!)

But that’s it, take care of yourselves, guys. And remember you always have me here, rooting you on 😉

1 thought on “How doing yoga has immensely helped my writing – self-care for writers”

  1. I definitely need that app. I love yoga, it makes me feel better, but I’m having difficulties creating an habit. Thanks for sharing your experience. I’m having problems with my concentration, I think it’s because, after 15 years working the late shift, I’m now working the early and it feels like the day is upside down for me. I think yoga can help me find a balance, so I shoudl try.
    Thanks for reminding me that 🙂

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