Writing and life updates

Hey guys!

So, Like I’ve said before, I’m enjoying setting time to myself to focus on my other projects!

While I’m in the process of editing Wedded, I’ve been working on a new novel. I still don’t have a definite name for it, so I’m still calling it BoxersWIP for now. Like, there’s a really obvious title I could go for with this one, but I really don’t want an obvious title, I want it to be unique. So I’m just going to wait around for something good to hit me. I’m sure I’ll come up with something.

In case you’re curious what it’s all about, I’ve prepared quick pitch:

Morah is a planet where humans had to migrate to after their reckless actions destroyed their home planet. A nomadic race of aliens called Dyrliaxians that drift the galaxy as a way of being happened upon them at their darkest hour and rescued them over a hundred years ago, and took them to a planet that closest resembled their own. When they did, and the cultures learned each other, the Dryliaxians became infatuated with the humans’ concept of sports, particularly the art of Boxing.

Now Boxing is a universally-renowned sport, and the Dryliaxians, the biggest supporters of the sport, host the Dryliax Tournaments, a game where a thousand Boxers compete each other in a battle to the top, and the winner will receive access to the glorious planet of Grehovel. Where they’ll never have to worry about a need again.

Solstice Leclair is hoping to find a promising rising Boxer for her debut as a Sponsor, to make a name for herself and earn her place in her father’s company.

Tobias Wolfe wasn’t supposed to be here. He has no formal training and lives in the worst neighborhoods of Morah. Yet he’s managed a way to three gold medals, and is aiming for nothing less than to be the next Dryliaxian Boxing champion. Solstice wouldn’t normally go for such a wild card, but on her first year and with little time left before entries close, he’s the best chance she has.

But as Tobias proves he shouldn’t be underestimated, Solstice questions if she’ll be able to follow through with her promise to help him win.

Because the competition isn’t what it seems to be, and she knows it.

She knew it all along.


So that’s what it’s about in a nutshell, I’m actually really excited about it! I absolutely love space operas, and this is my chance to go crazy with it. Aliens, spaceships, and cinnamon roll boys <3.

AND the wheels are turning for book two of Dragon Bones, so I can’t wait for you guys to finally see the first one, me and my editor are working really hard to polish it up for publication!

I’ll catch you guys later!

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