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New to the writing community? Here’s where to start!

Being new to writing can be a daunting task. Most of us are self-taught, so we learn by observation, critiques, and suggestions. And surrounding yourself with a community of people interested in the same thing can help you grow and flourish in your practice, with ample source of styles, inspirations, and even learning from the mistakes of others as we all share experiences! Writing communities exist all over the Internet, but here are some of my favorite places to find them.


Twitter is personally the place where I’ve found my writing community the most, so let me show you a couple easy ways to find people!

  • Writing games

There are a lot of writing games available on Twitter, and if you interact with the players through the hashtags, you’re bound to make friends! They usually have a new question every day, and have a new theme every month!

To name a few:


Host(s): @pepperdaphoenix @skthproductions

This game surrounds world building, so if you’re writing a fantasy or sci-fi and need to go more into depth with your worldbuilding, this is the game to play!


Host(s): @jjulienauthor @jmsullivanbooks


Host(s): @AriMeghlen @RPoli3


Host(s): @moiraaward

These games all just ask writer-ly questions every day! A great way to get to know other authors, and even their methods/approaches to writing. Not to mention just plain fun.


Host(s): @_KingKaterina @gladiusquintus @CelesteHarte

Haha, a little bit of a self-plug here, but this game is all about getting to know your characters better! You chose a character(s) to play with at the beginning of every month and for the rest of the month, you answer in the voice of that character! Basically role-playing. If you’re struggling with getting into a character’s head, you might want to try it!


Host(s): @sensationalWIP

This is a unique hashtag game! It challenges you to explore the senses to really get to know your WIP in a new way. Check it out, it’s easier to play than it is to explain.

  • Browse popular hashtags

Popular hashtags where writers like to hang around are:










Strike up conversation! They won’t bite. And if you have any questions or want advice, try using those hashtags so you can be found! Lots of people usually love to help.


This is something I’ve only recently discovered, and I’m still not 100% acquainted with how things work on there, BUT what I do know, I pass on to you.

  • Writing groups

Groups formed around writing are soooo super helpful with any questions you may have. Even “stupid” questions are usually answered quickly and thoroughly, so be as newbie as you want. I really can’t say with enough experience what kinds you should join, because everyone has different interests, and the groups can be quite large, which may not be your thing. So just search for groups and use keywords that have to do with writing!

  • Browse people’s pages

If you know any writers or authors you like to follow already, like their page on Facebook! Besides being a great way to support your favorite writers, you can also check out the writers they recommend, and glean from any writing advice they may have to offer.


Book bloggers are eeeeeverywhere. Not only are there tons of places to find people blogging about writing advice hint, book reviews wink, their personal writing adventures HINT, HINT, WINK WINK, IT’S ME, but subscribing to them means emails full of all things writing-related in your inbox whenever they post. People that blogged about writing was my number 1 source of writing information when I first started out. So definitely look into them!

A couple places to start your search:

  • WordPress
  • Wix
  • Newsletters from your favorite authors
  • Squarespace
  • Literally countless others

You can find what you’re looking for in a simple Google search as well, or looking them up on Twitter or Facebook. The possibilities are endless!

Some bloggers you can start with (OTHER THAN ME):

  1. Booktubers

To be completely honest, I only know of a few, but if you search for a review of a book you like on Youtube, I’m sure you’ll find more, or see them mentioned on Twitter if you go on #booktuber. But here are the few I know:

  • Writing with Jenna Moreci
  • Kristen Martin
  • Vivien Reis
  • Nicole Pierman
  • The Novel Lush
  • Christina Marie
  • Margaret Adelle
  1. Bookstagram

Again, I don’t personally follow many bookstagramers, just because it isn’t my thing. And these are more so readers than writers, but a lot of bookstagramers are writers as well, and it’s still a group of people that share the love of books in common with you!

Some recommendations:

  • @emmie_writes
  • @whiterosestories
  • @reading.rah
  1. Wattpad

Now, this suggestion comes with a warning. There are some that have complained about plagiarism being an issue, where people have copied other’s works, and Wattpad has done little or nothing to prevent or punish those accountable. There have also been a lot of recent changes that make it harder for those starting out to get their stories seen, so if you chose to start on this site for the first time, understand that it may be a bit more difficult than you first assume to be incorporated.

I won’t make any recommendations for writers on this because it’s really such a huge place right now and I’m not on there as much, so a lot of the people I followed no longer post anymore, so you’d really just have to log on and find some. But it won’t take you long, there’s always tons of options to look through right on the home page.


And that’s it, welcome to the community!

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