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Progress update!

So! I have been busy. Juggling the usual day to day obligations and keeping up with my 5-chapter-a-day plan has been interesting. BUT I’m extremely pleased with myself for staying consistent with it, and I’m now more than half-way through my self-edits! After that, it’s off to the editor.

I’m still a little nervous about it, but the guys down at Immortal Works are pretty cool, so I’m sure collaborating over my book together won’t be too daunting.

The most interesting aspect of this whole process — something I’d never thought about — was realizing that I’m no longer working on Dragon Bones alone! As someone that is used to seeing my writing as something I worked at by myself (not counting awesome friends or Wattpad readers) it feels a little weird knowing I have someone invested in the story that’s actually hired to help me make it the best it can be. Good weird! Though there’s still a part of me that’s feeling a liiiitle bit protective.

But you know, I’m good. It’s all good.

I’m also going to be sending my publisher a head shot of me so ya girl can look like a professional that has her shit together, so I figured I may as well update my profile pic when I do.

That’s right, y’all are finally going to be able to see ma face.

A teensy bit nervous about that, but the pic I’m thinking about sending should be pretty decent, so I’m fine. It’s fine. It’s all good.

So that’s all the updates I have for now, watch this space for more news regarding my book stuff, I’ll be sure to update you guys first as soon as they let me know I can, so until then, peace out.

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