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I’m getting published!

I still can barely believe it.

After starting this project back in April of 2018 and completing Camp Nano for the first time, then finishing it in July, making it the fastest I’ve EVER completed a novel, I’m now getting ready to publish DRAGON BONES: WEDDED with Immortal Works. I’m so excited to work with them, Beth Buck, my agent, and the rest of the staff at Immortal Works seem so nice and easy to work with. I’m hyped!

I feel like a big part of getting this deal has to do with all the people that have supported me and encouraged me to get here! My immediate family, first and foremost, who have never discouraged the things that make me happy.

And then there’s my Twitter peeps! Kat and G literally talk to me every day asking how my writing’s going. Yasmine is my go-to for all medical questions. Cath, Eva, and Frankie are always available for a good writing sprint. And tons more people that are just generally awesome and encouraging every day.

I’m so excited for this next chapter of my writing journey, even though I’m a little scared of the editing process to come (hahaha), but I’m ready! Watch this space for updates on if I survive the edits and for writing tips to any that are interested in my methods!

Catch you later, guys!

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